Renewable Naphtha

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One of North America’s Largest Renewable Naphtha Producers

Renewable Naphtha represents about 5 – 10% of Montana Renewables’ overall renewable product production. With the growing demand for cleaner fuel,  Montana Renewables is well-positioned to meet the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

What is Renewable Naphtha?

Renewable Naphtha is a co-product produced from the same renewable feedstocks used to make our SAF and Renewable Diesel. Renewable Naphtha is often used as a feedstock for the production of various chemicals and materials, including plastics, solvents, and fuel additives. It has characteristics that make it a good substitute for petroleum gasoline when blended to make biogasoline.

In High Demand

The transportation sector in North America is predominantly powered by gasoline, making it the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable Naphtha offers a promising solution to mitigate the environmental impact of gasoline consumption. Its lower carbon intensity makes it an effective option to help reduce carbon emissions. As the industry undergoes a transition toward cleaner energy sources, Renewable Naphtha can play a significant role in achieving the goal of decarbonizing everyday driving.

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