Renewable Diesel

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One of North America’s Largest Renewable Diesel Producers

With an initial capacity of 15,000 barrels per day (bpd) of renewable diesel and expansive name plate capacity coming online in 2023, Montana Renewables is helping answer the call for clean diesel demand.

What is Renewable Diesel?

Renewable diesel is produced from renewable feedstocks such as vegetable oils, tallows, distillers’ corn oil, and other renewable sources. It has a significantly lower Carbon Intensity than traditional diesel fuel and is produced from an advanced catalysis processing that has multiple benefits versus biodiesel including operating cost and feedstock cost advantages.

In High Demand

Renewable diesel is part of a legislated demand mandate for renewable fuels that significantly outpaces current supply within the United States. In fact, renewable diesel currently comprises roughly 20% of the renewables pool for distillates whereas biodiesel comprises 80% of the distillate pool.

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